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Orificial Rights
Bianca's brother robs the Russian Mafia. 

Aleksandr believes that she is an accomplice and takes her as collateral.
Aleksandr filled the doorway with a murderous look on his handsome face. He walked in as if he owned the house as well as the earth. He was there for Brody, but his attention was locked on Bianca and she found herself being drawn into the angriest eyes she had ever seen.

Despite the dangerous situation and the wrath emanating from his eyes, she felt an unnerving warmth engulf her. Despite the fact that he was here to kill her brother and possibly her, she was entranced. As she looked deeper into his eyes, she felt an awkward comfort that did not fit the situation. It felt as if she was seeing the enemy who wanted to protect her and the best friend who wanted to kill her all rolled into one intimidating man. She felt dazed by his presence and confused by her reaction to the man who intended to destroy her. She felt the room swirling around her as her eyes focused too deeply on his. She felt fear, unease, warmth, comfort and anger whipping through her to create a euphoric state of shock. She felt her heart race uncontrollably as he stepped closer to her. 

“You lied to me,” Aleksandr accused her as he stood before her.

She was tired of lying and tired of running. She knew by the look in his eye that he knew the truth. She also knew by the current scene at hand, that running was not an option. She would have to face this head on… and no more lying.

“I did,” she answered.